Vascular Surgery

The Department of Vascular Surgery helps our patients with various vascular diseases. It helps them to return to a healthy life without any surgery and cuts.

Department of Vascular Surgery
Istanbul NS Clinical Vascular Surgery Center serves our patients with various vascular diseases. They show all their skills to improve their health and quality of life. Our qualified professionals are always ready to serve you with all their skills.

What makes Istanbul NS Clinic Vascular Surgery different from other clinics?
We have all kinds of clinical conditions for painless medical examination. Each of our patients can order this examinations in the Istanbul NS Clinic. Our staff prefer customer satisfaction. We have every opportunity to provide the necessary service.

Department of Vascular Surgery tries to examine our patients with minimal surgical traces.

Thus, dilated vessels are treated with radiofrequency and lasers without cutting. The process does not harm the natural appearance and health of the skin. Our patients are operated without pain. This method does not provide general anesthesia to the patient. They can return to active life after 2 hours.

Operations performed in the Istanbul NS Clinic are different from classic vascular surgeries. Because we do not have blood vessels removed and there are no scars or surgical injuries on the body. Also, there is no injury to the free movement factor in the vascular region of the patient.

The Department of Vascular Surgery is distinguished by its examination methods. Minimal pain, zero risk, patient satisfaction are important factors for us. Our clinic uses sclerotherapy. It is the most modern and widely used treatment for varicose veins. The patient returns to a healthy life with a 15-minute procedure without incision.
Like our other organs, our arteries are an important organ that connects us to life. Our team is specialized in vascular surgery. They are at your service with high experience. And giving a healthy life after a painless operation.

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So why choose Istanbul NS Clinic?
Professional and Experienced Medical Staff
Medical staff who dedicate themselves to their profession and care people
High level of patient satisfaction
The latest technological devices and quality infrastructure
The medical service you trust

What types of operations are performed in the Department of Vascular Surgery?
All types of vascular operations are performed in Istanbul NS Clinic. Ultrasound and angiographic examinations, phlebectomy are mainly performed. Laser and radiofrequency ablation treatments are also available. Our clinic also conducts sclerotherapy, varicose veins. Examination of peripheral arteries and all other examinations are hold here.

Our clinic conducts postthrombophlebitic syndrome, neuropathy, thrombophlebitis presuppositions. Also, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, neuropathy, diabetic angiopathy are treated. Our clinic treats chronic, diabetic, arterial, venous, bed sores and diabetic foot syndrome. We also perform microflebectomy, sclerotherapy, endovenous laser ablation procedures.

What are the benefits of Vascular Surgery offered by Istanbul NS Clinic?
Vascular Surgery Department is equipped with modern and comfortable medical equipment. The medical staff of the Department of Vascular Surgery is highly professional. Thus, our specialists have participated in various international courses and seminars. Our staff with special skills and experience is at your service at the highest level.

There is a Podiatry Department at our Vascular Center. Treatment of foot and ankle diseases, injuries and deformities are conducted here.

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