Therapy method covers a large part of non-surgical medicine:

-In the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, heart failure, rheumatism, etc.)

-In diseases of the respiratory tract and organs (bronchitis, group, asthma, pneumonia, etc.)

-In disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, colitis, gastritis, etc.)

-In rheumatic diseases (osteoarthritis, tissue diseases, arthritis, etc.)

-In diseases of the excretory system

-In endocrinological diseases (thyroid, diabetes, etc.)

During therapy, the therapist first listens to all the patient’s complaints. The patient is examined and the name of the disease is studied. He is being treated.

When should you see a therapist?

-If you have any health problems unusual than normal

-If you can not determine which specialty doctor to consult due to your illness

-If necessary to explain the results of the analysis

You can apply to the therapists of the Istanbul NS Clinical Therapy Department.

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What is the process of examination and treatment by a therapist?

The first person a person to worry about is a therapist. Therapists listen to patients’ complaints. They collect a medical history of the patient. The therapist gets the patient’s lifestyle, medical history, allergic reactions. Then the patient is examined in general. Skin, eyes, breathing, blood pressure, and the whole body are examined. The pulse is checked and the lungs are listened to. If the therapist advice it, the patient is additionally sent to the laboratory. Here, various tests are taken and analyzed from the patient. The laboratory of our clinic is equipped with modern equipment. The patient is given the answer to all types of tests in a short time. In addition, our clinic offers X-ray, sonography, endoscopic, etc. examinations are also available. After the patient passes, the result is diagnosed by our therapists. Medical documentation is carried out and treatment is started. Therapists of the Istanbul NS Clinical Therapy Department are specialists. Trust us for your treatment. Remember that your health is always important to us.

What are the most common complaints to a therapist?


It is a concern for one in five people today. Headaches can have many causes. Malnutrition, respiratory disorders, insomnia cause headaches. You need to know the exact cause of your pain and choose the right method of examination. Therapists of the Therapy Department of the Istanbul NS Clinic will help you to do this.

-Breast pains. 

These pains can be caused by discomfort in the muscles, bones or airways and lungs. Even sitting in the process of work or in daily life can cause chest pain. Let us not forget that the human body and organs are a system that unites. For this reason, even if you experience minor pain, be sure to consult a therapist.

-Oral cavity and stomach disorders. 

In such cases, the food we eat, the drinks we take, medications, and so on. can also cause. Problems with the salivary glands, gastric juice and gums are also a cause for concern.

In general, consult a therapist if you feel any discomfort on yourself . Istanbul NS Clinic Therapy Department is ready to serve you. We care about your health at least as much as you.

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