Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The Istanbul NS Clinic provides the most modern physiotherapeutic treatments. The department name is Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Our professional doctors are always on guard for your health.

What is physiotherapy and rehabilitation?

Department works to improve the quality of life and functional functioning of people. Istanbul NS Clinic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department carries out treatment of different diseases. They are: nervous system, brain, spinal cord, muscle, bone, etc.

How are physiotherapy treatments performed?

The benefits of physiotherapy, which has a history as old as medicine, are perfect. Treatment is carried out by different methods, such as medicine, sports, orthopedics, etc.

What is the purpose of physiotherapy?

Qualified doctors of the physiotherapy and rehabilitation department treat each patient individually. Their goal is to achieve the desired result after treatment. Our doctors conduct comprehensive examinations before treatment. They collect detailed information about the patient and his disease. Then they develop a correct and complete treatment scheme. This method not only relieves the patient of pain. But also eliminates the factors that cause pain.

What are the purposes of treatment in the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation?

The treatments are carried out to improve the health of our patients. Treatments are performed to strengthen muscles, restore joint stability and lost functional abilities.

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department is equipped with the most modern treatment equipment. Every condition has been created for the comfort of our patients. The correct diagnosis and assessment of the disease is carried out.

Istanbul NS Clinic treats all types of neurological, aging, traumatological and orthopedic diseases. We also treat diseases in children. Such as back, neck, shoulder pain, hernias and strokes, scoliosis, lordosis and etc.

Physiotherapy service can be prescribed only after a doctor’s examination.

What services are provided in the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

A number of services are provided to patients on the basis of a doctor’s prescription. Our department, equipped with modern equipment. They provide laser, ultrasonic, electrical, manual, manipulative, shock-wave services. In addition, our professional doctors provide osteopathy, electrophoresis, massage, acupuncture services. We also have phototherapy, pediatric massage, hakamat, paraffin services. Darsanval, hotpack and coldpack treatments are also carried out in our department.

What are the diseases treated at Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department?

Our clinic treats all types of muscle diseases, Parkinson’s disease, nerve injuries. Istanbul NS Clinic also treats brain and spinal cord injuries.

Fizioterapiya və Tibbi Reabilitasiya
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How long does physiotherapy treatment take at the Istanbul NS Clinic?

Physiotherapy treatments of our clinic are carried out in different sessions. A total of 10-20 sessions of 1 hour is designed for orthopedic diseases. 1-2 hour sessions are intended for neurological diseases. Treatment period may be longer depending on the severity of the disease.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

There is a sharp decrease in pain after treatment. The need for painkillers is reduced. Mobility is increased and there is a therapeutic improvement in diseases requiring surgery. Movement disorders, disorders after stroke and brain damage can be treated with physiotherapy. The staff of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department is at your service.

Is the method and process of physiotherapeutic treatment painful?

In general, physiotherapy is a painless treatment. However, in exceptional cases, muscle tension and so on. There may be mild pain in treatments that require resistance such as.

What factors should be considered during physiotherapy?

Methods that do not follow the doctor’s advice should not be used.

What are the risks and side effects of physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment?

Physiotherapy is considered a treatment with few side effects. But redness and rash may rarely occur. Blood pressure may vary depending on the patient’s sensitivity. You should inform your doctor about your health before taking treatment. If you have a history of illness or drug allergies, you must inform your doctor.

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