Istanbul NS Clinic Pediatrics Department treats and prevents pediatric diseases. Also, special examinations are carried out in proud children due to age-related changes.

What diseases are examined and treated in Istanbul NS Clinic Pediatrics Department?

Pediatrics Department of Istanbul NS Clinic is equipped with the latest equipment. All are for the treatment and examination of children’s diseases. The pediatricians of our clinic are highly experienced and professional. They examine and treat your children’s physical retardation, rickets, and dystrophy. Our clinic also examines diseases such as spasmophilia, hypervitaminosis, hypovitaminosis, diathesis.

What are the most common diseases in children?

Digestive system diseases. Digestive system diseases. These include gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis, colitis, helminthiasis, enteritis.

Respiratory system diseases. These include pleurisy, bronchial asthma, pollinosis, bronchitis, pneumonia.

Connective tissue diseases. Connective tissue diseases. Rheumatism, scarlet fever, dermatomyositis are among them.

Diseases of the excretory system. Nephrotic, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis belong to these diseases.

Neurological diseases. Epilepsy, headaches, epileptiform paroxysms, somnambulism, tics are neurological diseases.

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Vaccination schedule for children aged 0-6 years:

  • 4-7 days– Hep B, BCG, OPV
  • At 2 months-Hep B, OPV, GDT, Hib, PK
  • At 3 months – OPV, GDT, Hib
  • At 4 months – OPV, GDT, Hib, PK
  • At 6 months – Hep B, PK
  • At 12 months – QPM
  • At 18 months – OPV, GDT
  • 6 years old – DT, QPM

Names of vaccines:

  • Hep B — against hepatitis B.
  • BCG — against tuberculosis
  • OPV — against polio
  • GDT – against whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus
  • Hib— against haemophillus influenzae
  • PC— against pneumococcus
  • QPM – against measles, rubella, mumps
  • DT – against diphtheria, tetanus

Pediatrics Department of Istanbul NS Clinic does vaccination measures for your children. Be sure to read the chronology of the vaccination period.

Be sure to get your children examined by a doctor before the vaccination process. Make sure she (he) is healthy. Children with allergies should drink a desensitizing solution 3 days before vaccination. Only with a doctor’s prescription. The comfort and stability of the child should be ensured during vaccination. This is necessary so that the needle does not move and does not cause any reaction. After the vaccine, do not rub or touch the area where the needle sank! The injection site should be closed with a bandage, provided that it is not touched. After vaccination, make sure that water does not come into contact with the injection site for 3 days. During this time, keep your body temperature under control. Be sure to consult a pediatrician if the temperature is high. If there is swelling, heat, or stiffness on the injection site on the first day, apply iodine to the area. If the same happens the next day, rinse the area with 95% alcohol and compress with a 1: 1 solution. Change the compresses regularly for 2-4 hours. If redness and swelling are more than 5 cm, consult a doctor immediately.

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