Istanbul NS Clinic Otorhinolaryngology department treats ear, nose and throat diseases. These three organs are united under one name because they are anatomically close. Our clinic is equipped with the latest ENT diagnostic equipment.

What diseases Istanbul NS Clinic Otorhinolaryngology department treats?
Our clinic treats frangitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, adenoid, nasal wall curvature. Diseases such as acute and chronic, allergic and vasomotor rhinitis are also treated.

What are the symptoms of ENT diseases?
Swelling of the cheeks and eyebrows, difficulty breathing are symptoms of ENT diseases. If you notice an increase in nasal secretions, dryness, consult an ENT doctor.

What methods are used to diagnose ENT diseases?
In our clinic, it performs diagnostics by laboratory, endoscopic, ultrasound methods.

So why choose Istanbul NS Clinic?
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What are the most common ENT diseases?
Hemorrhoids (sinusitis) is an inflammatory disease develops in nasopharyngeal cavities of upper jaw.
Complications of influenza and other diseases can cause hemorrhoids. When you get an infection, it in itself causes hemorrhoids. The virus, infects nasal cavity and blood, causes hemorrhoids. Diagnosis of hemorrhoids is made by examination of the nasal cavity and X-ray of the nasal area. Processes in the hemorrhoidal cavity cause an increase in pressure and severe pain.
What should be considered during the period and treatment of hemorrhoids?
People think that when you pierce or puncture the maxillary sinus, you need to make it regular every time. But this is not the case. Accumulated pus in the cavity can cause recurrence of the disease. It is necessary to pierce the gums, remove pus, and wash the cavity with special solutions. After washing, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs should be injected.
Unpleasant feelings may arise on the eve of the process. However, this is an indicator of efficiency. With a single procedure, the patient feels a significant improvement. Hemorrhoids are a disease that can cause serious complications. In this regard, it is necessary to consult an ENT doctor without wasting time.

Chronic tonsillitis
Xrpniki is an infectious disease that causes inflammation of the tonsils. The disease is caused by autoinfection, and immunity keeps it. This disease is very common in children. Weakness, anorexia, headaches, fever are observed during the disease. Many of these symptoms are also characteristic of angina. For this reason, the treatments are similar. The disease can also be passed from parent to child. It is recommended that you undergo a medical examination to prevent such cases.

Otitis is an inflammation of the middle ear. The ear consists of the eardrum, the outer ear, the middle ear, and the tympanic membrane. The middle ear is a bony cavity that transmits sound waves to the inner ear. The inner ear converts sound waves into impulses and transmits them to the brain. Severe pain in the ear can be a sign of otitis media. In this case, sharp pus is secreted from the ear. The temperature is observed. After a while, the patient may experience a sudden drop in temperature and a decrease in pus. This is due to the pus flowing through the tympanic membrane. After the treatment, the curtain is attached and the patient’s hearing is not impaired. In some cases, the pus may spread to the cranial cavity. At this time, meningitis and brain abscess can develop rapidly. For this reason, it is necessary to consult an ENT doctor in case of symptoms of orthitis.

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