Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

A department of maxillofacial surgery has been established at the Istanbul NS Clinic. This department treats injuries and diseases of the face and jaw. Our department is constantly guarding your health with modern equipment and professionals. Our department treats traumatic injuries, inflammatory processes, congenital and acquired defects and deformities.

Also, etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of new benign and malignant derivatives are studied. In general, all types of reconstructive jaw surgeries are performed in our clinic. If orthodontic treatment is needed before surgery, an orthodontic examination is performed first. Also, all types of cleft lip and palate surgery are performed on newborns at the Istanbul NS Clinic.

Which examinations and treatments are performed at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department?

-Treatment of cysts

-treatment of jaw fractures by open and closed methods

-removal of tumors

-removal of retention teeth

-adjustments to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth

-placing modern and optional implants in the jaw

-placement of bone grafts

Inconsistency of the lower or upper jaw, when one is in front or behind the other, is a chewing disorder. It causes an aesthetic defect.

Our clinic is equipped with modern equipment to eliminate such defects. Also, our experienced surgeons treat your jaw joint problems, myofascial pain, joint pain.

In addition, all dental surgeries and surgeries are performed.

This includes:

-removal of tooth roots, restoration

-extraction and restoration of wisdom teeth

-presentative, permanent and extraction of deciduous teeth

-apical resection

-discharge of abscesses and phlegmons

-osteomyelitis, alveolitis, periostitis, pericoronitis, etc. Surgical treatment of infections, such as defects



-gingivectomy and gingivoplasty

-microsurgical alveoplasty


-flap operation

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What are the advantages of Istanbul NS Clinic Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department?

Our clinic is equipped with equipment that meets the requirements of modern medicine. We have the ability to facilitate both preoperative processes and postoperative processes . Our patient rooms and operating rooms are organized in accordance with medical procedures. During the treatment, all opportunities were created for the comfort of our patients. All our departments work in unity with each other. Therefore, no need to leave our clinic during diagnosis, examination and treatment. We have medical aid and guest cars to transport patients who are unable to come to our clinic. Istanbul NS Klinka with smiling face staff is always at your service. Employees of our clinic have repeatedly participated in local and foreign seminars. Our whole team is made up of professionals. Therefore, you can easily trust us with your health.

In addition, our clinic has a cafeteria for both patients and relatives. We have thought of everything for you. Think about your health. If you have any health complaints, you must contact to our professionals. We are at your service. Do not forget that yout health is necessary for us.

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