Istanbul NS Clinic Ophthalmology Department does diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases. Equipped with the most modern equipment, you can get rid of eye diseases in a short time in our department. Our professional team of qualified specialists will promptly examine and treat you.
The eye is an important organ in the human sensory and sensory system. It is also a fairly sensitive organ. Factors such as environmental pollution and stress cause eye diseases. All eye diseases are examined and treated in our department.

What are the services provided by Istanbul NS Clinic Ophthalmology Department?
-We examine many eye diseases with a biomicroscope.
-We carry out examination and treatment of fundus diseases and disorders.
-Exact measurements are made to determine the glasses. Examinations are performed by Fropter method and autorefractrimetry.
-Eye pressure measurements and examinations are performed.

What are the most common eye diseases?
Dry eye syndrome
Tear secretion is an important function for keeping the human eye moist. Decreased tear secretion, decreased quality can cause dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome is more common in women due to hormonal causes. There is no need to panic, you can contact our clinic with any discomfort you feel in your eyes.

What are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome?
Fog in the eyes, sensitivity, fatigue are symptoms of dry eye syndrome. In addition, tears when using contact lenses in dry and windy weather can also be a sign of the disease.

What are the causes of dry eye syndrome?
Excessive writing, spending time in front of a computer can cause this syndrome.

So why choose Istanbul NS Clinic?
Professional and Experienced Medical Staff
Medical staff who dedicate themselves to their profession and care people
High level of patient satisfaction
The latest technological devices and quality infrastructure
The medical service you trust

What is glaucoma?
Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease. It is a vision disease caused by nerve damage after condolences. If not treated in time, this disease can lead to complete loss of vision. For this reason, we recommend that you have a medical examination at least once a year.

What are the symptoms of glaucoma?
Blurred vision and seeing rings looking at light are considered symptoms of glaucoma.

What are the risk factors for glaucoma?
Glaucoma can be caused by many factors. In general, this disease can be congenital or acquired in humans. Hereditary factors, diabetes, myopia, hyperopia can lead to this disease. Factors such as eye injuries, abnormal steroid use, and the age limit of 35 also contribute to the disease.

What is cataract?
The crystal in our eyes prevents harmful rays from coming into contact with the eyes. Decreased crystal transparency is an eye disease called cataract.

What are the symptoms of cataracts?
Weakness of night vision, blurred vision, sensitivity to light is symptoms of cataracts.

What are the risk factors for cataracts?
The disease is mainly observed in people over 50 years of age. It can also be caused by trauma, medications, diabetes, myopia and glaucoma. If you also feel discomfort in your eyes, contact the ophthalmologists of our clinic.

Is redness in the eyes a disease?
Redness of the eyes observed in most people is caused by dilation of the capillaries in the sclera. The disease itself is accompanied by a number of complaints. Pain and itching, swelling, visual instability and blurred vision belong to this category.

What factors can cause redness in the eyes?
Allergies, uveitis, keratins, conjunctivitis, glaucoma can cause redness of the eyes. Cigarette smoke, lens use, colds, and insomnia are also factors that cause redness of the eyes.

Our eyes are the most important emotion that conveys to us the beauty of the environment and life. Take care of them and get regular eye examinations at our clinic. Istanbul NS Clinic Ophthalmology Department is at your service. Remember that your health is valuable to us!

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