Istanbul NS Clinic Neurosurgery Department performs surgical treatment of nervous system diseases.

What is neurosurgery and what does it look like?

Neurosurgery is a highly specialized field of medicine. It deals with the surgical treatment of nervous system problems. The nervous system refers to the brain, spinal cord, skull, nervous tissues, and so on. supporting protective coatings are provided. The most complex part of our body is our nervous system. So this area itself is one of the most complex areas of medicine. Doctors specializing in this field are neurosurgeons. They diagnose, examine and treat neurological diseases, and perform surgical interventions.

Our Neurosurgery Department consists of extremely professional and experienced staff. Both our neurosurgeons and other employees of our department are highly qualified specialists.

Problems in the brain and spinal cord tissues are treated with modern technology. Modern surgical equipment will help you to easily get rid of your problems.

Istanbul NS Clinic Neurosurgery Department examines and treats which age group?

The Neurosurgery Department serves our patients of all ages, big and small. Diagnoses, examines and treats disorders of the brain and nervous system. All types of operations that require high technology and expertise are performed flawlessly. Our neurosurgery department meets world standards. With its technological advantages, we return you to the healthy life you desire in a short time.

So why choose Istanbul NS Clinic?
Professional and Experienced Medical Staff
Medical staff who dedicate themselves to their profession and care people
High level of patient satisfaction
The latest technological devices and quality infrastructure
The medical service you trust

Successes of Neurosurgery Department of Istanbul NS Clinic.
Istanbul NS Clinic Neurosurgery Department performs operations with a high degree of difficulty. Brain and spinal cord tumors, aneurysms, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. are some of them. We perform surgical examination of diseases such as hemifacial spasm, dystonia, vascular occlusion.

Even the most risky operation is easily performed in the Istanbul NS Clinic. Advanced and advanced technology allows for ease of operation. In most cases, blood transfusions are not required during or after surgery. The professional staff and modern medical equipment is important in achieving this result.

What are the opportunities created by the Istanbul NS Clinic Neurosurgery Department?
The most complicated operations are the solution to get rid of the most serious diseases. In this case, modern medical equipment and a professional medical team can help you. Neurosurgery Department is equipped with equipment from Germany, USA, Canada and Japan. Advanced medical technologies will help you in effective treatment. Our team is specialists with extensive experience and professionalism. They have participated in courses and seminars abroad.

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