Istanbul NS Clinic Gynecology Department treats gynecological diseases. We have functional, laboratory, extensive diagnostic examination and treatment methods. Our clinic conducts all types of gynecological examinations, gynecological treatments and gynecological operations.

Conservative and surgical treatment of intrauterine partition and ectopic pregnancy is carried out. Polypectomies and hysterectomies, reconstructive tube surgeries are also performed in our clinic. In addition, treatment of condyloma, endometrial biopsy, bartholinitis are carried out. Examinations and treatments are performed by professional gynecologists in Gynecology Department.

Healthy women are the guarantors of healthy generations.

The gynecology department was established to treat diseases of female reproductive organs. Our department serves all women, from menstruating women to older women. It is duty of our gynecologists to find out cause of their gynecological problems . And provide timely treatment. Our gynecologists ensure a healthy lifestyle for mother and baby. The mother and baby are monitored during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

What are the service areas of Istanbul NS Clinic Gynecology Department?

Istanbul NS Clinic Gynecology Department carries out treatment of all gynecological diseases. We diagnose and examine gynecological cancer, monitor menopause, osteoposis, pregnancy.

What general gynecological services are provided in Istanbul NS Clinic Gynecology Department?

We serve women of all ages, from adolescence to menopause. In our department we carry out routine and prophylactic treatment of all problems. Istanbul NS Clinic Gynecology Department reveals the exact cause of your gynecological problems. Groin pain, cancer, menstrual disorders, infections, etc. Diagnosis of diseases is carried out. There are many examination methods in our clinic. Ultrasound, colposcopy, light gynecological examinations, PAP-smear test, etc. examinations are carried out.

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What are the methods of pregnancy follow-up by our department?

Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive and important periods in a woman’s life. Our Department is at the service of all our women during pregnancy. Our gynecologists are always serves your complete this period and have a child. From the first pregnancy to the moment of birth, the health of process is monitored by ultrasound. We perform routine tests for diagnosis. Fetal neck thickness measurement, double test, cervical length examinations are performed. When a risky pregnancy is detected, qualified doctors are ready to serve you. You can enjoy the joy of motherhood without any worries.

What are the methods of tracking menopause and osteoporosis in Istanbul NS Clinic?

Menopause is a particularly sensitive period in a woman’s life.

Gynecological services are provided to women for complete these periods. Our doctors work with you in a planned and team way and are with you during your menopause examinations. Therefore, you can prevent osteoporosis caused by menopause and reduce your permanent injuries. Note that osteoporosis is a loss of bone and the rate of injury can be large.

What gynecological oncological examinations are carried out in Istanbul NS Clinic?

Cancer and malignant formations of reproductive system must be detected in time. Remember, early diagnosis increases the chances of recovery.

4D Ultrasonography examination. 

Our clinic offers four-dimensional ultrasound color doppler and three-dimensional imaging. Watching children’s live image monitor before birth gives parents excitement. According to expert psychologists, this situation raises the mood of parents. Mothers who see their child during pregnancy also spend rest of period comfortably.

Laparoscopic examination.

Laparoscopy is widely used for timely detection and accurate diagnosis of gynecological problems. By this way, it is possible to detect infertility, uterine adhesions, ectopic pregnancy.

Our clinic is equipped with a camera system and video surveillance. Our patients are released after 2-3 hours, and after 6-8 hours they start receiving food. Given the scars on the body, laparoscopy has many advantages over open surgery.

Hysteroscopy examination

Hysteroscopy has a more subtle chamber system than laparoscopy. By this method miscarriage, uterine bleeding are identified and eliminated.

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