Dermatovenerology Department at Istanbul NS Clinic serves you with a professional team. Their aim is to return your skin to health. Skin is the most important of the human senses. Our skin, which is the largest organ in our body, has different thicknesses and sensations. It is our skin that transmits information to our brain about objects. These objects can be classified such as hot, cold, hard, soft, deformed, smooth and so on. As our skin forms our common body covering, it is in direct contact with the external environment. Our skin, which performs many functions, also helps to retain water. It is an important factor for the human body. A healthy look starts with the skin. It is the most perfect condition for your skin. You can entrust the treatment of your skin diseases to our specialists of the Istanbul NS Clinic. Our team, distinguished by their professionalism in this field. They return to you the desired look of your skin. With flawless skin, you will feel like you have regained your life. Our clinic is equipped with every opportunity for our patients. They can receive desired treatment in a comfortable environment.

Today, environmental pollution is an important factor. There are many skin diseases under the influence of other factors. These diseases should be treated in a timely manner. Otherwise the complications may be greater. Sexually transmitted skin diseases can lead to more serious complications. So they should be treated in early stages. Our skin is always in contact with something. From this point of view, our infection can be caused by the skin. The Istanbul Ns Clinic Dermatovenerology Department conducts highly professional examination. Treatment of many skin diseases are hold with high quality. We provide care and treatment for all areas of the face, scalp, feet and hands, and so on.

Our Department of Dermatovenerology treats skin, nail, hair and sexually transmitted diseases. Our specialists will help you in the treatment of cosmetic and allergic diseases.

Istanbul Ns Clinic Dermatovenerology Department conducts modern and accurate diagnosis of skin diseases. The treatments are carried out according to the latest treatment protocols. In diseases that are difficult to treat, long-term, regular remissions are taken.

Dermatoscopy is used to diagnose nevi (spots and patches). It is monitored for 6 months and 1 year. Oncology is detected immediately and possible aggravating factors are prevented.

Some skin diseases and disorders can be allergic and genetic. Diagnosis of diseases of this class is carried out by allergic tests. The causes are determined immediately.

So why choose Istanbul NS Clinic?
Professional and Experienced Medical Staff
Medical staff who dedicate themselves to their profession and care people
High level of patient satisfaction
The latest technological devices and quality infrastructure
The medical service you trust

What examination procedures does the Istanbul Ns Clinic Dermatovenerology Department perform?

All types of dermatological procedures are performed in our clinic. Such procedures can be both aesthetic and cosmetic.

Is there any age limit for dermatological treatments?

Istanbul NS Clinic serves both adults and children, in short, patients of any age group.

What skin diseases are treated and examined in Istanbul Ns Clinic Dermatovenerology Department?

Our clinic treats all types of skin diseases.

Hair, nail diseases, allergic and genetic skin diseases, children’s skin diseases are treated. Rheumatic skin disease (scarlet fever), venereological diseases, skin cancer are examined as well.

Our dermatologists are professionals in their field. They regularly participate in local and foreign seminars and courses. They undergo various certification and evaluation courses. Our clinic is equipped with modern equipment. With the help of this equipment you will get your test result in a short time. You will start treatment without wasting time. Our skin is in direct contact with the environment. We must do regular care and keep cleanliness of our skin. Even if you have the slightest redness or itching, you must consult a dermatologist.

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