Istanbul NS Clinic Dentistry Department treats dental and gum diseases. Our department specializes in the treatment of dental system, facial and neck tissues. We also treat the anatomy, pathogenesis and etiology of the oral cavity.

Istanbul NS Clinic Dentistry Department is equipped with modern medical equipment. Our professional dentists are always at your service.

Istanbul NS Clinic Dentistry Department provides many dental services.

Therapeutic dental service.

We treat various diseases of the oral cavity and teeth. We eliminate functional and anatomical defects.

Endodontic dental service.

We carry out examination and treatment of dental pulp diseases. Periodontitis, pulpitis, etc. Diseases such as

Orthopedic dental service.

We eliminate abnormalities in the dental system. We treat functional and anatomical disorders. By the most modern equipment, prostheses are made comfortably, accurately and quickly. All kinds of prostheses are made in our clinic according to the person’s wishes.

Pediatric dental service.

The health of our babies is at least as important to us as their parents. We treat defects and diseases that occur during the development of teeth.

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What are the most common dental diseases and how are they treated?

Dental caries

It is a disease of the hard tissue of the tooth. By a widespread systemic dental care program, the disease has been significantly reduced. Caries initially forms a surface on hard tissue. For this reason, teeth should be cared for with fluoride-containing toothpaste.

Caries occurs at least in the cavities of the teeth and in the chewing area of ​​the tooth. When caries is widespread, tooth loss can cause serious complications in your gums. For this reason, do not spare regular maintenance of your teeth. Get a medical examination.

Pathological erosion of the tooth

Teeth wear out when they are eroded or damaged or eaten. For effective treatment, the cause of the wear must first be determined. Pathological tooth decay can cause chewing problems. In this case, joint pain can occur in the lower jaw and groin.

Widespread damage to teeth

Erosion occurs when the teeth come in contact with each other and rub hard. This condition is observed on the chewing surface of the tooth. After a certain stage of erosion, it is already classified as a disease.

Decaying teeth

Teeth can be eroded due to external factors. This can be caused by harsh brushing of the teeth, poor quality toothpaste and toothbrush.

Treatment of tooth decay

If a single tooth is damaged, that tooth is restored with special dental materials. If several teeth are damaged, then the eroded part of the teeth is cleaned. If necessary, caps are installed.

Health begins in the mouth and oral cavity. Clean your teeth regularly. If you feel any complaints or concerns, be sure to contact the specialists of our clinic. The dentistry department of Istanbul NS Clinic is always at your service.

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