What is emergency medical care?

Many deaths today are due to untimely or improper first aid. No medical intervention can endanger the patient’s life.

Istanbul NS Clinic Emergency Department has a medical vehicle with modern equipment. The patient’s bed in the car, first aid equipment is designed for your health.

070 738 85 00 Health Line can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls are answered.

The emergency department can serve patients of all ages. The department has an observation room, an intervention room, a plaster room and an ECG unit.

We have all conditions for necessary interventions to patients brought to our clinic . They need not the clinic. Thus, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging, laboratory tests are available. All departments of Istanbul NS Clinic has equipped with modern equipment. Our staff has been selected from professionals in their work.

Emergency medical care is a department created in health care facilities . It serves people who need emergency care. Emergency services have different departments according to the patient’s complaint. The emergency department has a service area that covers all disease interventions. The emergency department deals with many health problems. Example respiratory failure, earache, and bleeding.

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Diseases within the red area unit:

-Heart failure

-Heart and lung failure


-Respiratory obstruction


-Allergic shock (Anaphylaxis)

-Febrile convulsions

-Several and light injuries

Diseases within the yellow area unit:

-Stomach ache

-Difficulty swallowing

-Sore throat

-Medical burns

-Kidney stones

-Bone fractures (long or hip)

-Cuts (not amputated)

-Open fractures

-Fever headaches

Diseases of the green area:


-Chronic joint and headaches


-Wound care (dirt removal, dressing change, etc.)

-Vaginal discharge

-General cold

-Small ear pain

-Insect bites (non-shock effect)

-Demolition of seams

Other diseases or events:


-Try to commit suicide

-Traffic accident

-Severe burns

-Circumstances that cause fainting

-Stroke (uremic and diabetic coma)

-Serious allergies that cause heart disease, eyelid deterioration, pressure and respiratory disorders

Ambulance also serves during terror, sabotage, stabbing, rallies, battles, shootings.

Istanbul NS Clinic has all the necessary equipment to provide first aid in all cases. The Emergency Department of our clinic is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with its professional staff. Delayed or incorrect initial intervention can lead to permanent defects and even death. For this reason, if you have an accident on the road or at work that requires first aid, call 070 738 85 00. Our operative and professional team will be at your address without wasting time. Your health is valuable to us.

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