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Istanbul NS Clinic Algology and Pain Department puts an end to your pain. Our clinic has laboratory and test equipments to determine the causes of pain. These equipments will help to detect your reason of sickness immediately and exactly. By our expert team you will be back to your healthy life in short time.

Istanbul NS Clinic Alcoholology and Pain Department intervenes in which pain?

– Cancer pains

Cancer pain is a terrible pain symptom for patients in the final stages of cancer. It has a significant negative impact on the patient’s life. For this reason, angologists have a serious workload. İn the case of malignant cancer, they should keep the patient’s life in good condition for as long as possible. Morphine derivatives (opioids) can reduce the severity of the disease. Opioids can be used in different sizes and intervals depending on the severity of the pain. Opioid use should be performed by a professional in this field.

Our clinic has technologies that allow you to find out the cause of your pain exactly and quick. Cancer is a disease that can cause serious complications. It is important to intervene in a time.

-Pain of unknown cause

Although some pain is persistent and chronic, it can be difficult to determine the cause. In these cases, it is possible to identify the nerve that caused the pain by intervention of a specialist. The source of pain in the vein is determined by inserting a catheter into the nerve area by imaging.

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What are the treatment methods of Istanbul NS Clinic Algology and Pain Department?

-Nerve blocks

Nerve blocks are a treatment method used to control pain that does not respond to treatment. In this way, nerve fibers that passing pain sensations to other nerves are blocked. This process can be continuous or periodic.

-Constant morphine pumps

This method is used for pain that does not respond to treatment or is associated with cancer. A subcutaneous pump is connected to the spinal cord with a catheter. The desired result is obtained by injecting morphine into the cancer with a pump. The regular morphine method is most often used for pain due to cancer and vascular occlusion.

-Mile batteries

This method is used in chronic neuropathic pains. These pains are observed in patients suffering from diabetes. And other diseases damaging the nerves. Damaged nerve impulses can also cause severe pain in the organs they carry. Morphine therapy may not help with this type of pain. The so-called pain can be treated with spinal pacing. In this case, the spinal cord is placed in the spinal area using local anesthesia.

-Injections applied in lumbar hernia

Needles inserted into a hernia are used for back pain. Which these pains do not respond to medication and physical therapy. Anesthesia is injected local area during treatment. In recent years, ozone injections have been used in this type of examination.

The cause of the pain should be investigated before interfering with the pain. We must not forget that the wrong intervention can lead to permanent complications. Contact the specialists of our clinic in case of any concerns about your health. Our clinic has all the facilities for the treatment of our patients.

The feeling slightest pain or discomfort can be a sign of various diseases. Diseases not treated in time can bring about to serious complications. You should also contact the professionals of Istanbul NS Clinic without wasting time. Get your test results as soon as possible with the high-tech equipment of our clinic.

The staff of Istanbul NS Clinic is composed of experienced specialists. They improve themselves by attending seminars abroad. In terms of technical equipment, our clinic is equipped with the latest technology. With these technologies, our patients get test results in a short time. The results are sent by e-mail or in hand. Do not forget that your health is important to us.

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