Aesthetic surgery

Plastics of abdomen

Abdominal aesthetics (abdominoplasty) What is the function of abdomen? Abdomen is the complementary part of beautiful body image with anatomic view providing our upright standing by means of muscle and other supporting tissues covered it, correct walking and that allow us to raise objects comfortably. What is abdominal aesthetics? It is the operation made in order to get correct, tightened and beautiful appearance of abdominal region with aesthetical operation. What are reasons of form defect in abdomen? Abdominal region, the frontier lower part of our body, may undergo to form defect for the reason of birth, fattening- emaciation, aging, etc. Form defects appeared for diversity of genetic-structure may be distinctive in everyone. Notwithstanding reasons, sagging, cracking and other defects in abdominal region cause to aesthetic problems in women especially and in men in some cases. Person does not like himself/herself and avoids seeing himself/herself in the mirror. Who and where make aesthetic abdominal operation? This operation is to be made by Plastic Surgeon. Making of this operation by our specialist companions having other specialty is not correct from medical and ethical point of view. It is important to make operation in hospital. What is the duration of operation and is it necessary for patient to stay in hospital? Operation lasts about 2-4 hours and patient must stay in hospital at least for a day. What kind of anesthesia is applied?

Operation is to be made under general anesthesia or spinoepidural anesthesia. Patient will be awake and will not feel a pain under spinoepidural anesthesia. Desires of patient and surgeon are taken into consideration in selection of anesthesia. If there is hernia problem in abdomen or umbilicus, is it possible to correct it at the same time with aesthetic abdominal operation? Yes. It is possible to correct hernias in the region of abdomen with aesthetic surgery of abdomen related to the previous births. Is there any age limit? If women and men, who have no impedimental problem for operation, have any problem related to abdominal stretching or aesthetics, this operation is to be made. What are preparations prior to operation? Analyses are to be given prior to operation. Patient must come to operation hungrily. Feeding should be discontinued at least 10 hours in advance. Smoking should be left. If medicines from kind of aspirin are taken, it should be stopped by recommendation of doctor.

When patient start a normal life after surgery? Patient starts normal life during 2-3 weeks after surgery. It is allowed to indulge in sport during 2 months. Does aesthetic abdominal surgery risky? Risk is very low in experienced hands. But it is operation and all kinds of infection, bleeding and scars may appear during surgery. What is the cost of the operation? Cost of operation may be change for surgeon, kind of anesthesia and hospital of operation. Notwithstanding reasons, softening, sagging and cracks in the region of abdomen appear in women as significant defect. Body image distorted and women’self-confidence decreased. Women can’t dress as she wants and can’t feel herself calm with her husband. Abdominal tension operation is serious aesthetic operation and every person, who has needs, may undergo this operation. We recommend you to consult with doctor about these subjects up to the smallest details and offer you to undergo to operation.


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