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Aesthetic surgery

Breast lifting and breast reduction




Breast reduction surgery Bigness of breast than the size of the norm is functional and important aesthetic problem for women. As it known, breast grows and develops from juvenile period in women and reaches to normal size at the end of juvenile period. This bigness is more than norm in some women. Small growth may appear in breasts after pregnancy. Breast bigness may cause to some hormonal defects for genetics and structure after fattening. Some physical disturbances may appear related to breast bigness. These disturbances are waist pain, neck pain and shoulder pain for the reason of forward bending of body’s center of gravity. Red spots and corns may appear on breast and contact places may appear in the result of contacting with each other and friction related to breast bigness. In addition to the above mentioned physical dusturbances, bigness of breast more than norm may cause problems for women on the subject of choice of clothes and appropriate choice of underwear. Naturally, breast bigness is very important aesthetic defect. Women, who have such problem, need to hide their breasts constantly. They have durable hesitations on the subject of sport and social activities. Breast bigness may be light and advanced. In this case, nipple slip problem may be observed. The purpose of treatment of breast bigness is to normalize the size and appearance of breast with surgical operation. Breast will be diminished from standpoint of size and will be placed on chest. Many different technologies used in breast reduction operation are available. The technology to be used may be different for bigness of breast, choice and experience of surgeon, desire of patient on the subject of trace after operation. Cost of operation may change in accordance with surgeon, hospital and bigness of operation. Result Breast bigness is an important problem for women and its surgical treatment is possible. Breasts have normal size after operation and they locate in proper place. In this way, women feel themselves well physically and aesthetically. Women, who have such problem must appeal to plastic surgeon, consult with him in details and undergo to operation.

Breast straightening and tightening operation Breasts may be sagged for different reasons. Ligaments bind breast tissues may be weaken within the time. There may be discrepancy between skin covered breast tissue according to kilogram change, nursing and place. Problem may concern breast tissue, skin or both of them. In the result, hollow image sagged breast may appear. As in other breast operation, say your doctor about reason of operation and also about expectation related to this operation. If your family has a problem such as breast disease or cancer, cigarette, drug habit or chronical disease, say your doctor about it. Ask your doctor about manner and supposed problems of operation. Sagging breast tissue is reformed and skin is extracted more in aesthetic breast straightening operation. The head of breast is placed in necessary place. Operation is made during 1,5-2 hours under general anesthesia in hospital. Traces may appear in different form according to sagging degree. Though the method applied, there will be trace around head of breast. If breast straightening operation is made by cutting the head of breast around it, trace around head of breast is seem clearly. Besides trace around head of breast, trace in the length of 4-5 cm. lied toward below from middle part of lower side of the head of breast may appear in other breast straightening operations. Only breast prosthesis may be put in proper patients and sagging may be eliminated by this way. Operation trace locates in joining place consisting of white skin of chest and brown skin of the head of breast. Traceless breast straightening operation is not available. Firstly, these traces are clear, but then they will less clear. No anxiety will observe after operation. Pain will not cause to problem. Breast prosthesis is used during operation, for this reason weakness may be ovserved in arm movements for some days.

Bandage is applied on breasts. Other bandage is applied to the head of breast. Bandage is to be removed after 2 days and wound is to be examined. Bandage is to be removed after 7 days. Patient is put on sports bra for 6 weeks and massage is proposed. Swelling may be observed firstly, insensibility on head of breast and blue colour on skin may appear. These disappear in a short time. Patient may return to work during 3-4 days. Patient must stay away from heavy kinds of sport for 2 months. Aesthetic breast straightening operation is an operation resulted in good and stable condition and correcting spiritual worlds of husband and wife. New formed breast may stay in the same condition for a long time, but factors such as fattening, pregnancy, nursing and weight cause to new sagging. Consult problems supposed related to operation with your doctor



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